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Delta Defense: We Educate, Train, Equip, & Insure
Responsibly Armed Americans
United States Concealed Carry Association
The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is currently serving over 60,000 members with useful
information, training and education.

In June 2011, we announced the Self-Defense SHIELD, an insurance-backed benefit that provides legal and
financial assistance to members in the aftermath of a
self-defense shooting.

Learn more about the USCCA.
Learn more about Self-Defense SHIELD:
Concealed Carry Magazine

Over 60,000 Americans have discovered one of the simplest ways
to start, maintain and improve their decision to be a “Responsibly Armed

Your subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine will give you unbiased
handgun, holster and gear reviews from REAL people who actually carry
concealed every day. You’ll learn what you must know to survive the
legal aftermath of a self-defense situation. You’ll stay sharp and
prepared with advanced training, drills and exercises. You’ll read about
every day, ordinary life through the eyes of responsibly armed citizens
just like you.

Each issue of Concealed Carry Magazine is packed with articles, reviews
and case-studies from the nation’s leading experts in self-defense and
concealed carry.

We bring you—the responsibly armed American—the best self-defense
and concealed carry information source for self-reliant Americans willing
to take responsibility for the safety of their loved ones.

Learn more about Concealed Carry Magazine:
Concealed Carry Report

The Concealed Carry Report has come to be known as “The Ultimate
Resource For The Armed Citizen” because of its commitment to
providing the very best information and resources for freedom-loving,
responsibly armed citizens.

It has everything from tips on personal liability, to unbiased gun and
gear reviews, politically INCORRECT articles, self-defense cartoon and
videos of the week, and when to use deadly force.

Learn more about Concealed Carry Report:
Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is the official radio program of The United States
Concealed Carry Association. As the USCCA continues to expand its
reach across the U.S.—and since its flagship publication Concealed
Carry Magazine has become one of, if not THE most, informative gun
magazine in the nation—reaching up to the next level of media outlets
became a no-brainer.

Broadcasting LIVE every week from the Crossbreed Holster Studios in
Atlanta and SYNDICATED NATIONWIDE by Salem Radio Networks, AAR
is now available to any radio station in North America. Now one of the
fastest growing nationally syndicated radio broadcasts in America,
AAR is adding affiliate stations almost weekly. Until Armed American Radio is
available in your city, you can hear the live broadcast by visiting our
listen live page every Sunday evening from 8-11PM ET / 5-8PM PT.

Learn more about Armed American Radio:
USCCA Instructor Program

After receiving thousands of requests for help from both experienced Firearms Instructors as well as those aspiring to become Instructors, the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) responded by creating the USCCA Instructor Program. The USCCA Instructor Program trains, certifies, and equips instructors in the discipline of teaching the responsible, safe, and effective use of self-defense firearms in accordance with state and federal law.

The Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals presentation materials exceed industry standards through the use of groundbreaking multimedia materials, presentations, and videos. In addition, the USCCA conducts Concealed Carry Instructor Certification classes where attendees spend a weekend with USCCA Training Counselors learning and practicing proper business, marketing, financial management, and teaching strategies that maximize the use of our multimedia materials.

Learn more about the USCCA Instructor Program:
300 S. 6th Avenue. West Bend, WI 53095-3312  |  Phone: 877-677-1919  | Live Chat: Chat Online, M-F, 8-7 CST, Sat, 9-2 CST


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